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My name is Josh Harrison and I have been a photographer for nearly a decade now. The site features photos of various Wildlife, Landscapes and People in different locations around the world. I run my own professional photography business which you can find at joshharrisonmedia.com, but I've always had a keen interest in wildlife and the outdoors so ever since I started travelling in 2007 I have been hooked on travel and wildlife photography. I created this site to showcase my work and I try to keep it updated with new images and blogs although I'm not much of a writer. So, however you found the site, thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy looking through the images.

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My aim with my photography is just to capture life and nature as I see it. Sometimes you get a great shot but even if you don't the experience or the adventure of trying to get the shot is usually just as much fun, and if you don't get the shot you're after then there is a good excuse to go back and try again. I think the best shots are usually the ones that you were not necessarily trying to take, the ones that just happen because your in the right place at the right time and thats what I love about photography, there is always something new to see.

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